The social network VKontakte was accused of collecting information about users

03 August 2017
At the beginning of the week, Runet was stirred up by a study of St. Petersburg programmer Vladislav Veluga. According to the data he published, the popular social network "VKontakte" collects information about its users and transmits it to its owners - the company Group. In particular, it is reported that the mobile application "VKontakte" collects data about the location, mobile operator, SIM-card and cell phone identification numbers. It would seem that the management of the social network will have a long time to calm down the indignant users, assuring them that this information is unreliable, but Yevgeny Krasnikov - representative of "VKontakte" declared that the company has never concealed the data collection. According to Krasnikov, the user data are analyzed in any social networks. It's necessary to improve the personal delivery of content. For example, the personal recommendations section is being improved, information about SIM card changes helps determine whether a user needs a new code for validation, and location data is needed to fulfill the requirements of copyright holders when listening to audio recordings.