The British man who stopped the spread of the WannaCry virus was detained by the FBI

04 August 2017
Many people may remember the recent hacker attack involving the WannaCry virus. The ransomware, which disrupted the operations of a number of companies around the world, was stopped thanks to the efforts of a British programmer. Marcus Hutchins, also known as MalwareTech, discovered the domain name embedded in the virus' code and bought it back, after which the malware's activity died down. It seems that Marcus' name made headlines again. The thing is that Marcus was detained by the FBI in Las Vegas, during his annual visit to a hackers' conference. It is reported that the reason for the detention were suspicions of Hutchins' involvement in the spread of another notorious virus - Kronos, which had cleaned out a lot of bank cards from 2014 to 2015. We also know that the decision to detain Hutchins was made by a Wisconsin district court. U.S. law enforcement officials say that the detention of Hutchins has nothing to do with the WannaCry virus. We will find out whether the charges against the British programmer will be confirmed later.