Password management service LastPass raised subscription fees and reduced the number of free features

04 August 2017
These days, there are a huge number of various and very useful services, and it is impossible not to try them out in person. Because of this, many are faced with the problem of remembering passwords. Especially for this purpose, there are already many special programs for password management, one of the most popular of which is LastPass. However, many users may abandon LastPass in favor of its counterparts due to recent innovations.Perhaps the most unpleasant news for LastPass users will be a doubled subscription fee. Of course, the increased cost of use will also increase the number of features, but it is not without a "fly in the ointment". Fortunately, users of the free version will not be able to use many of the new features for free. Thus, in LastPass there will be restrictions on the ability to share passwords with loved ones, and also the function of granting access to passwords to trusted persons, in case of emergencies will be unavailable. Now these features will be available only with paid subscription. We should note that those who have already tried the above features in the free version of the service can continue to use them, but new users will have an unpleasant surprise. Those who will not like these changes can be offered either to subscribe to a higher-priced service and continue using their favorite password management software or to try other password management software. For example, Dashlane, KeePass or 1Password.