Google Play continues to fight against low-quality programs, reducing their position in search results

07 August 2017
Surely, many users of Android gadgets are familiar with the problem of finding quality programs among the large number of low-quality products. From time to time Google takes some kind of measures to sift such software from the Play app store. This time as well: the specialists of the company have implemented a new system that will automatically decrease the rating of programs that work unstably and drop their positions in search results.Thus, thanks to the innovation, programs that work unstably or have lots of bad reviews will not only appear lower in search results, but also will be less likely to be among the best applications. Google uses artificial intelligence to weed out low-quality products. The main parameters by which programs are analyzed are performance data, as well as user engagement and ratings. Recall that this is not the first step, which is taken by Google to promote the highest quality applications for Android. For example, the company has already launched a tool that uses machine learning, which detects programs that ask for unnecessary permissions. In addition, the company's experts are already creating special selections of the best applications as part of the Android Excellence program. We will find out later how effective the latest innovation will be and whether it can convince developers to better monitor the quality of their products.