Google released a lighter version of the YouTube app

28 November 2017

Surely many people remember that earlier this year, Google announced the creation of a new, lightweight version of the YouTube mobile application, designed for outdated Android gadgets and slow networks. Finally, the testing of the product has been completed and everyone can try it out.

The application, called YouTube Go, is designed for users from developing countries. This implies the support of functions that make watching videos as comfortable as possible, even at a low speed of Internet access. For example, users will be able to download videos for viewing offline, pre-selecting the desired image quality. Then, the saved copies of the videos can be shared with friends via Bluetooth. In addition, the program has a very small size, which makes its use even more convenient on devices with a small amount of memory.

In the official Google Play store, the app is only available in a small number of developing countries such as India and Indonesia. But everyone can use the program. To do this, just download YouTube Go for Android from any other source.