Samsung has developed a battery on graphene balls with increased charging speed

28 November 2017
Good news for smartphone owners and fans of other gadgets. Samsung has created a new battery, which has an increased capacity and high charging speed.Employees of Samsung Electronics research division - Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, managed to synthesize graphene balls, which allow to achieve a fivefold acceleration of the battery charging. Thus, if to charge the average gadget with a lithium-ion battery requires about an hour, using the new technology for this will require only 12 minutes. In addition, the use of graphene balls in the creation of a new type of battery will help increase their capacity by 45%. Graphene is a carbon element derived from graphite. It conducts electricity faster than silicon. In addition, batteries on graphene balls can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius, which allows their use in electric cars. Samsung has already filed patent applications in South Korea and the U.S.. However, so far there is no even approximate information about the timing of the arrival of the first smartphones with batteries of the new type on the world markets. Time will tell when users will be able to personally see the benefits achieved with the help of graphene balls.