Yandex conducted another test of an unmanned cab

29 November 2017

Many people probably remember that Yandex.Taxi conducted its first tests of unmanned cars this summer. Now, it has become known that a new test was recently conducted under more difficult conditions.

Another test of the unmanned cab was carried out in conditions close to winter. According to the company's representatives, in order for autonomous transport to become widespread and affordable, it must work reliably in any weather. Therefore, the latest tests were carried out on the roads of the Moscow region, covered with snow that has fallen recently. At the same time, at times, road markings were hidden under it, as well as the boundaries of the roadway. Nevertheless, this did not cause difficulties for the unmanned car. As shown in the published video, the car successfully passes obstacles, pedestrians and recognizes traffic signals.

Recall that the first test runs of Yandex.Taxi unmanned cars were carried out on vehicles based on the Toyota Prius together with the NAMI Institute.

Despite the success of the tests, it is still too early to talk about "drones" taking to the streets of major Russian cities. It still needs to undergo the final, most important tests, which will take place on public roads. This will only happen in 2018.