LTE modem is the probable cause of Pixel 2 smartphones reboots

29 November 2017
Complaints about the performance of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL gadgets began to arrive since the launch of their sales. Users encountered spontaneous rebooting of smartphones and Google has not yet been able to offer a solution to the problem. The same issues have reportedly been observed on devices issued for replacement under warranty, as well as after updating to Android 8.1. It seems that saving the drowning once again turned out to be a matter of the drowning, as users of problematic smartphones discovered the source of the problems on their own.According to reports from several users on the official support forum, the LTE modem is to blame for the sudden reboots of smartphones from Google. The owners of the gadgets report that the problems are observed in areas with low LTE signal strength and disappear when switching to 3G networks. On the same forum, a Google representative reported the happy news. It seems that the company's specialists have finally found a solution to the problem and will publish the corresponding fix in the coming weeks.