Google released a lighter version of its Android assistant

02 February 2018
Google has released another mobile application for Android. This time, it is the familiar to many Assistant, but designed for outdated or weak mobile devices.The application is called Google Assistant Go. According to the developers, it doesn't differ much from the original Assistant, but it consumes much less resources, so that makes using it comfortable even on devices with little RAM. Of course, GO-version has some limitations, in comparison with more familiar Assistant. For example, users of the simplified application will not be able to set reminders, to control devices of the smart home and use a number of commands available in the standard version of the assistant. In addition, Google Assistant GO supports only the English language, which, moreover, must be installed in the system by default. Probably, the list of supported languages will be expanded later. It is worth adding that although Assistant Go is designed for devices with only 1 GB of RAM or less, it can only be installed on gadgets running Android 8.0.