Google has released an app to clear debris from the memory of devices

06 December 2017

More recently, Google released an app to reduce traffic consumption, called Datally. It seems that the American IT giant decided not to stop there and presented users with a new tool for clearing the memory of Android gadgets from garbage.

According to the developers, the program, called Files Go, uses a new recognition technology from Google to find duplicate and large files, unused applications, as well as images and videos at low extensions. When it finds the relevant objects, the program will give the user personalized hints about what can be removed and how much space in the gadget's memory will be freed up in the process.

Files Go also features automatic sorting of images, videos, documents, apps and other files, as well as the ability to save them to Google Drive and other cloud services. In addition, users will be able to share files without wasting mobile traffic. The application is able to provide high speed data transfer - up to 125 Mbit / s, as well as reliable encryption protection.

Everyone can try the novelty from Google. The corresponding application is available for gadgets running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.