Google released an app to reduce traffic consumption

01 December 2017

Google continues to delight Android-gadget owners with new useful applications. This time, the company introduced its own product for controlling and saving traffic.

The application is called Datally. With its help, users will be able to quickly determine how much traffic is spent per hour, day, week or month, as well as by which programs it is consumed most actively. At the same time, Datally will provide personalized recommendations on how to save money.

In addition, the program allows you to use the built-in "Traffic Saving" mode. It will help to block the use of mobile Internet in the background, as well as provide the ability to track the consumption of each application. At the same time, any of them can be blocked with just one tap on the screen.

It's worth adding that Datally for Android has been available in the Philippines for a few months now. Now, the testing period is officially over and everyone can try the novelty from Google.