You can now buy movie tickets on Odnoklassniki

01 December 2017
Good news for all Odnoklassniki social network users. Now, you can buy tickets to the cinema without interrupting communication with family and friends. The new feature is available thanks to a partnership between the developers of Odnoklassniki and the service "Kinohod".Using the new service, users will be able to choose a city, the desired movie and theater, view the schedule for the next 10 days, and then pay for tickets with a bank card. A nice addition will be the ability to purchase various items from the cinema bar, such as popcorn, drinks and snacks. You can pick them up before the show, right at the box office. However, this feature is not provided for all cinemas. The new product is launched on the application platform for Odnoklassniki groups, and published on the page "Kinohod. He allows you to buy tickets to more than 300 cinemas in 94 cities in Russia. Everyone can try out the new product in the web version of Odnoklassniki, as well as in mobile applications of the social network.