Google launched YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in Russia

19 June 2018
Google's new streaming service, YouTube Music, has finally become available in Russia. Along with it, YouTube's paid services have also started up.Recall that the YouTube Music streaming service was presented about a month ago. The new product is something between Google Play Music and YouTube. You can use it for free, but will have to put up with the presence of advertising. And for more comfortable listening to music, not interrupted by any ads, you will have to pay. If you subscribe through Google Play, YouTube Music Premium subscription will cost 169 rubles per month, but in App Store its cost will be higher - 229 rubles per month, due to the commission of Apple. In addition, Google has launched a paid subscription YouTube Premium. It will not cost much more - 199 rubles per month for Android users and 249 rubles for those who prefer iOS. When you sign up for it, ads will be disabled both in the streaming service and on YouTube itself. But that's not all. Subscribers will be able to download content and play it in the background, and have access to all sorts of movies, shows and TV shows YouTube Originals. It's also worth noting that YouTube Premium subscription can be both individual and family. In the second case, the cost will be quite democratic - 299 or 379 rubles per month, depending on the payment method. Paid services YouTube has already been officially launched in Russia and will be available to everyone in the near future.