The UAVOS cargo drone is capable of flying for a very long time

27 January 2020

Unmanned aerial vehicles are no longer fiction. They can now do many things. A striking example of this is a novelty from UAVOS. The company has presented an amazing thing.

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UAVOS engineers created a cargo drone. The latter is designed on the basis of the Robinson R22 helicopter. From a manned one, it has turned into an autonomous one.

Its task is to deliver various cargoes. Their weight varies from 40 kg to 180 kg (depending on a full fuel tank). The radius of action of the UAV is 1020 km.

Another feature of the invention is the time in the air. Six hours without refueling is no joke. The gasoline engine made it possible to achieve this. UAVOS has refused the electric motor.

Altitude ceiling for the vehicle is 4200 m. As for cruising speed, it is 160 km/hour. The requirements to the takeoff and landing site are modest. Its size should be 15 by 15 m.

Among other things, the UAVOS is not afraid of bad weather. The time of the day is not an obstacle either. Control is automatic. It is enough to program the drone in the desired manner.

How much are they asking for the miracle of technology? Unfortunately, the price is hidden.