Hackers found a way to break the password on any iPhone

25 June 2018
Many users of modern mobile devices still prefer to use a password to unlock their gadgets instead of a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition. The iPhone owners are no exception. Previously, it was thought that it was impossible to crack passwords on Apple devices, but recently a video has appeared on the net that proves this opinion wrong.Recall that on iPhone a user can incorrectly enter an unlock code just 10 times in a row, after which the system automatically clears the internal memory of the gadget. This guaranteed that it would be impossible to pick up the password using the usual methods. However, a new hacking method allows you to bypass the aforementioned limitations. Hacker, known as Hickey, has shared a video that captures the password cracking process, suitable for all iPhone models. The trick is to connect a device pretending to be an external keyboard to your smartphone via the Lightning connector. This will remove the limit on the number of attempts to enter the unlock code. All that's left to do to hack a smartphone is to add a password autodetection base to the connected device. This method reportedly allows you to pick a password for any iPhone with iOS version no higher than 11.3. The operating system number 12 provides a restriction on using the Lightning port if the gadget has not unlocked for more than an hour, which makes the above hacking method useless.