Bethesda Softworks accused the developers of the game Westworld of copying Fallout Shelter

25 June 2018
A few days ago, the mobile game Westworld, based on the "Wild West World" series, saw the light of day. No sooner had the players had time to properly immerse themselves in the gameplay, than the first lawsuit was filed against the developers.According to the publication TMZ, Bethesda Softworks sued the publisher Warner Bros. and Behaviour Interactive studio. The reason for this was the theft of Fallout Shelter source code for the development of the game Westworld. Curiously enough, the Behaviour Interactive studio was involved in the creation of both games. This means that the developers really did have access to Fallout Shelter's source code. Moreover it is easy to notice the significant similarity of both games in the gameplay, graphics and animation. Representatives from Bethesda Softworks also said that Westworld has a bug that was present in an early version of mobile Fallout, but was fixed before the public release. This, in turn, indicates that the developers may have used the Shelter source code in their new work. According to the terms of the contract with Behavior Interactive, Fallout Shelter source code is the property of Bethesda. In this regard, the latter accused the studio of breach of contract and copyright, as well as misappropriation of trade secrets. In court, the company intends to achieve a cessation of distribution of the game Westworld and damages.