An exploded smartphone caused the death of a man

26 June 2018
Surely many people have heard about the numerous cases of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones spontaneously combusting. There were so many cases of these gadgets igniting that pictures of the phones in question as grenades or bombs began to spread around the web. For some games there were even released mods, replacing the textures of explosive devices on the Galaxy Note 7. Now, it became known about the next smartphone explosion, but this time it's not a joke: The accident took the life of a man.According to the information published recently in several media, the smartphone explosion took place in Malaysia. As a result of the accident, Nazrin Hassan, executive director of the Cradle Fund Company, was killed. According to the relatives of the deceased, Hassan left his smartphone charging next to his bed. Apparently, while charging it, the gadget overheated, causing an explosion. As a result, the sleeping smartphone owner suffered blunt trauma to the back of his head, which was the cause of death. The smartphone explosion also caused the mattress to catch fire, but Hassan was already dead by then. Hassan's family reported that the victim was using two gadgets, a BlackBerry and a Huawei. Which one caused the man's death has not yet been determined.