Hackers took the personal data of 150 million MyFitnessPal users

02 April 2018
Under Armor confirmed information about the hack of MyFitnessPal application, which resulted in hackers taking over the data of 150 million users.According to the published data, the attackers gained access to the names, email addresses and encrypted passwords of users. At the same time, the numbers of insurance policies, bank cards and driving licenses linked to MyFitnessPal accounts were not stolen. Curiously enough, Under Armour discovered that the users' personal data was available to an unknown third party on March 25. Subsequently, an investigation revealed that the hack took place back in February. Users affected by the hackers' actions have already been officially notified by the company. It's worth noting that the hack did not affect the company's other apps, such as Map My Run, Map My Fitness, Record or Under Armour. As for MyFitnessPal, all its users are advised to change their passwords.