Odnoklassniki launched "Moments" based on neural networks

03 April 2018
In their official blog, the Odnoklassniki social network development team announced the launch of a new service called Moments. It is intended to create themed videos, using artificial intelligence and neural networks.During the testing of the new service, Odnoklassniki users were invited to publish an automatically created video of "My Trip". The photos for the slideshow used in the video were selected by the company's own automatic face detection technology. In addition, machine learning algorithms were used, which found users-travelers, as well as the places where certain photos were taken. The representatives of the social network positively evaluated the results of the experiment. The users were eager to share the created videos with their friends and thus the number of views reached 1 million just in a day. Now the service "Moments" has learned to create video greetings on their birthdays. To do this, the neural network will select faces of friends from user's photos and put them in the holiday video, along with the words of greeting. Similar video greetings will be received by all users of the Odnoklassniki social network. The corresponding video can be published on your page, where it will be available at any time in the video section.