Google blocks mining extensions in Chrome Web Store

03 April 2018
On Monday, April 2, it became known that Google decided to take another step in the fight against cryptocurrency mining hidden from users. According to Google, in recent months the number of extensions that offer quite useful features, but have mining scripts built in, has increased significantly. At the same time, users are often not even aware that their devices are mining cryptocurrency for software developers. At the same time, hidden miners have a negative impact on computer performance and power consumption. Previously, it was allowed to add mining extensions to Chrome Web Store if their description stated that they were developed specifically for cryptocurrency mining. However, it turned out that about 90% of them do not meet the requirement. To combat unscrupulous developers and their products, Google introduced a ban on adding new mining extensions. As for those already present in the catalog - they will be removed by the end of June 2018. It is worth adding, however, that we are talking only about extensions designed for cryptocurrency mining. Other products related to blockchain technology, but not aimed at mining, will continue to be available in the Chrome Web Store.