Snapchat has started making group video calls

04 April 2018
Good news for Snapchat users. The developers of the application implemented a number of useful features, one of which was the support for group video calls.The innovation will allow everyone to start a video conference and communicate in it with 16 users simultaneously. To start a video call you need to click on the icon with the camera image in the group chat. After that, all participants of the conversation will receive notifications inviting them to join the video call. Trying out the innovation will be possible within a week. Snapchat can also boast of another new feature. It is support for mentions (Mentions). Thanks to the innovation, users will be able to put a tag link to your friends in the stories. To do this, you need to enter the name of the user, putting in front of it the "@" sign. The owner of the appropriate account will be notified and invited into the chat. Support for this feature will be available to everyone a little later - in the coming weeks.