Hangouts will lose SMS support on Android gadgets

24 March 2017
Google has announced changes to the functionality of one of its Android apps. This time, we are not talking about the introduction of new features, but about the elimination of existing ones.So, according to the recently published information, users of Hangouts on Android will have to look for another application to receive and send SMS. The corresponding features will become unavailable in the aforementioned program from May 22. At the same time, as early as March 27, Hangouts will be notified of the imminent withdrawal of SMS support. If any other application with similar features is installed on the device, the user will be prompted to select their default messaging tool. Otherwise, the app will open Google Play and show possible alternatives. The company explains these changes by changing the focus of Hangouts. It is expected that this application will now change its focus and will be intended for representatives of the corporate sector, as well as becoming a full-fledged replacement for Slack. As for ordinary users, Google has already released a separate application for video communication - Duo, messaging - Allo, as well as the recently announced product Android Messages, which can be used to receive and send SMS after the abandonment of this function in Hangouts.