Honor introduced a smart watch with a unique design

22 January 2020

The Honor brand decided to surprise its fans. The Chinese company arranged an unusual presentation in London. The MagicWatch 2 Limited Edition made its debut.

Image from gizchina.com

How is this model different from the original? In appearance. To be more precise - nine design options. They were created by renowned designers and artists. It turned out great.

Who made the Ficus, Old Walls and One Day versions? Giovanni Ozzola. "Tangled Scenario," "Autumn Moon," and "Cheng Hao" are also pleasing. They are authored by Wang Donglin.

"Shanghai Tan Cafe" was invented by Jackie Tsai. He also has "Flower Horse" to his credit. Rounding out the list is "Palma" by George Greaves. All of them are inimitable.

Image from gizchina.com

The straps are made in the appropriate style. Leather is used as the material. As for sizes, there are no surprises. The choice is 42 mm and 46 mm.

Alas, the characteristics have not changed. There are no differences from the usual MagicWatch 2. Users will find a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen (in the top configuration). Among other things, it is worth noting the long-lasting battery. 14 days without recharging - no joke.

There are a lot of dials for every taste. Completing the picture is a heart rate sensor, water protection and GPS/GLONASS support. There is no information about the price.