Fragment 8 - a digital camera for retro fans

23 January 2020

Do you miss old-fashioned video? The famous Super 8 film camera? Lofty Factory has decided to please the nostalgic. Developers from Hong Kong have created a modern clone.

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The new product is called the Fragment 8. It's digital, but it shoots retro style. It produces a Super 8-inspired image. It's guaranteed to look as similar as possible. Noise and faded tones are in place.

Frame rate ranges from 9 fps to 24 fps (just like in the movies). The viewfinder is optical - no electronics. In terms of design, the Fragment 8 copies the Super 8.

The gadget records clips up to 2 minutes long. Their resolution is 720p. It also converts to GIF and MP4 formats. You can transfer files to your computer through the USB port.

The main difference between Fragment 8 - there is no focal length adjustment. Instead, it uses three lenses. Each of them creates a different effect. For example, a strong edge blur, kaleidoscope or star filter.

Pre-orders are being accepted on Kickstarter. There is now a fundraiser for mass production. The price for the product is $78 U.S. dollars.