Compact smartphones are back. Rakuten Mini introduced

24 January 2020

Everything is clear with modern smart phones. Their main distinguishing feature is a big screen. At least 6 inches. What should fans of compact devices do?

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Fortunately, miniature devices continue to be produced. One of the latest such novelties is the Rakuten Mini. The gadget was created by developers from Japan's Rakuten Mobile.

The company from the Land of the Rising Sun has surprised. Her product has received a 3.6-inch display. In addition, Rakuten Mini is very light. It weighs only 79 grams.

Alas, Rakuten Mobile skimped on the "stuffing". The characteristics are far from flagship. For example, the resolution is only 1280 by 720 pixels. The processor is also budget - Snapdragon 439. Not the most productive platform from Qualcomm.

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Two cameras are responsible for taking pictures - the front 5 MP and the rear 16 MP. The battery capacity is equal to 1250 mAh. Complement the configuration 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory.

Separately, it should be noted that there is no SIM. There is no traditional card slot. It is replaced by a built-in eSIM. It allows you to quickly change carriers and tariffs.

There is a choice of three colors: red, white and black. The Rakuten Mini will cost $199 USD. Sales in Japan have already started.