HTC started showing ads in its smartphones

17 July 2017
HTC has recently started showing ads on the virtual keyboard in some of its flagship smartphones. Now users will be "delighted" by third-party ads taken from Google AdSense every time they type something on their smartphone. Of course, such an innovation will not please users of the company's smartphones at all for obvious reasons. Microsoft has previously been criticized for placing ads in Windows 10, but they were far from as aggressive as HTC's. Microsoft only showed ads for apps from Windows Store and some of its own products, while HTC showed anything at all. However, it's fair to say that HTC isn't the prime suspect in this case. The standard keyboard in HTC smartphones is designed by TouchPal, and it's likely that it added ads to its app without notifying the smartphone manufacturer. The company is now recommending rolling back the latest TouchPal keyboard update, which means the manufacturer is going to get rid of the ads soon.