Huawei has launched a competitor to Spotify and Apple Music in Europe

16 March 2020

A curious story is unfolding around Huawei. The latter, as many know, has been banned from cooperating with Google. The U.S. government imposed sanctions on the Chinese giant.

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How can Huawei smartphones be without Google services? Developers from the Celestial Empire have taken action. Namely, they began to develop their own software. A proprietary operating system and analogues of popular services.

The Huawei Music project has been significantly updated. It debuted a couple of years ago, but has reached Europe only now. It is reported that it has been officially launched in that region.

Huawei's solution challenges Spotify and Apple Music. The client, by the way, is available to everyone. The app is downloaded from the AppGallery store and from the Huawei Music website.

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The program will also be pre-installed on Honor and Huawei phones. Said will allow it to quickly gain a European audience. However, it is not without nuances.

Huawei Music works on a subscription basis. The price of the question is 10 euros. The size of the music library is decent. Although the novelty is far from Spotify and Apple Music.

Does Huawei plan to regularly replenish the base? Probably. Otherwise, it will not be able to compete with the famous rivals.