They cooked dinner on a red-hot AMD processor

16 March 2020

Processors emit a lot of heat when they run. Some even generate too much heat. On the hottest CPUs they jokingly suggest frying eggs. How realistic is this scenario?

One YouTube blogger, Samurai Channel, did an experiment. Scrambled eggs seemed trivial to him. The enthusiast chose a harder target. He took up cooking curry.

An AMD Phenom II chip acted as a stove. It was cooled and lubricated with thermal paste. A miniature frying pan was placed on the last one. In it the author of the video put oil and other components.

By the way, Samurai Channel did without a knife. A man with an imagination. He used a panel from a PC case to cut vegetables and other stuff. The sharp piece was perfect for the task.

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The stirring was done carefully with tweezers. Unfortunately, Samurai Channel withheld some details. How long did it take to make the dish? Was it edible? Unknown.

By the way, the guy goes a long way. Before the curry, he also mocked the meat. He took a small piece of it and fried it on a naked crystal. How about you?