Huawei may soon take away from Samsung the title of a major competitor to Apple

03 April 2017
The headlines about the rivalry between Apple and Samsung are often found on the Internet, and they are no surprise any more. However, some analysts are convinced that soon the place of Samsung and, as a consequence, the title of the main competitor of the American giant, will soon be taken by Huawei.According to Brian White - analyst at Drexel Hamilton, in the near future the company from China will surpass Samsung and, most likely, it will become Huawei. It is this company is predicted to fight for leadership in the market of mobile devices with Apple. Samsung, along with other manufacturers, will follow. This view is supported by the active growth of the market share occupied by the Chinese company: thus, according to IDC, in the fourth quarter of last year it was 11%, while Apple and Samsung's figures were 18%. In addition, many Huawei gadgets were considered the best among competitors. Of course, not all analysts hold the same opinion. For example, Hans Tung is convinced that ordinary gadget manufacturers will soon have nothing to surprise more demanding customers and the leaders in the market of mobile devices in the future will be companies that develop their own ecosystems. In his opinion, they will be Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. Whether Huawei will become Apple's main competitor or not, but the fact that the Chinese company has broken into the global market and taken one of the leading positions in it, which seemed impossible just a few years ago, cannot be denied today.