Yandex.Disk gives 32 GB for storing photos to everyone

04 April 2017
Most modern smartphones and tablets have pretty good built-in cameras, which eliminates the need to constantly carry cameras. However, this also causes some inconvenience: photos quickly fill up the memory of the device and buying an SD card will bring only temporary relief. In this regard, many cloud storages have received the function of automatic download of photos, which simultaneously helps to free up space on the gadget and have access to the necessary photos at any time. Yandex.Disk developers even launched a special offer for those who decide to use this opportunity.Already now all owners of mobile devices on Android and iOS can absolutely free get 32 GB of space on the cloud storage to store their photos. All you need to do is to download Yandex.Disk to your gadget and activate the automatic download of photos. As soon as the first file is uploaded - additional space will be provided for an unlimited period. You can activate auto-loading of photos in the settings of Yandex.Disk application. There you can also allow downloading only via WiFi or any, including mobile networks. The pictures saved in the cloud can be found in the folder "Camera". In this case, there is no need to create it yourself: the program will take care of this itself. It is worth adding that you can take advantage of this offer for a limited time. Free 32 GB of cloud storage is available only from April 3 to July 3 this year.