In the messenger Allo you can now create polls

04 April 2017
Many people have probably already tried the next messenger from Google, called Allo. Perhaps its main feature is the presence of a built-in assistant, but that is not all that the program is worthy of attention. For example, Allo has support for bots, which you can use directly in the chat window. Thanks to one of them, you can now create polls in the messenger.In order to create a poll in the chat window, you need to type "@yesno" and then specify your question. The bot will create a poll and give all chat participants the opportunity to vote. Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to change the answer options: now you can only choose "Yes" or "No". It's worth adding that you do not need to wait until all participants vote. The poll can be closed at any time by pressing the button with a tick. Everyone can try the new feature in practice. To do this, you only need to install on your gadget the application Allo or update it to the current version.