Twitter is testing an automatic night mode feature in its official apps

05 April 2017
All those who are used to communicating in social networks at night are familiar with the problem that arises when running applications with too bright an interface. To make using these or those applications more convenient and comfortable in the dark time of the day, the developers introduce a special night mode. The social network Twitter has not become an exception, as it has already received this feature quite a long time ago. Now the developers are planning to improve its work by introducing the automatic launch at night.The new function is currently experimental and is available only for the beta-version users of the official Twitter application. These lucky people can already forget about the eye pain and the need to squint when signing in to the social network at night using their mobile. To get rid of this inconvenience, you only need to activate the new feature once in the settings, in the "Screen and sound" menu item. Anyone who wants to try the innovation in practice can be recommended either to install a beta version of the Twitter application, which may be unstable, or to wait until the introduction of the long-awaited feature in the final version of the official social network client.