Gaming innovations of 2019 and what they will require from the PC: "arm ourselves" for decent gameplay

24 May 2019

The Freesoft editorial staff launches the column "Author's Columns". Today we publish a cool review of games, hardware and accessories for gaming, prepared by experts fromCitilink . What games are coming out in 2019? How to build a budget machine and not die in endless lag? Look for the answer in the article.

2019 in terms of computer games is unique in its own way. Modern titles more often than not tend to come out on both PCs and consoles. At the same time, PC power is constantly growing, while consoles are becoming obsolete, and their new generation should not be expected before the second half of 2020. So games scheduled for release in the next year and a half are forced to be limited to the characteristics of consoles, which are already below the top configuration gaming PCs.

For gamers this is a plus - to play most of the novelties, you do not have to shell out to the most current computer assembly for more than 150 thousand rubles. If there is no vital need to play on ultra settings and collect the computer for many years to come, then the assembly for 40-60 thousand rubles will be enough. How to collect the most necessary and stay within budget - the tips of experts online retailer of digital technology and electronics - electronic discounter "Citylink.

The basic "iron"

As a starting point we can take one of the most anticipated novelties of this or next year - Cyberpunk 2077 from the creators of "The Witcher" CD ProjektRED. Dynamic adventures of cyberpunk smugglers in an open world, filled with action and story, and even from the first person, should require the maximum from the machine. It did, but last year. The live demo presented by the studio at E3 2018 required an Intel i7-8700K 3.70Ghz processor and a GeForce GTX1080Ti graphics card, top of the line for its time. Computers have moved on since then. And considering the fact that the announced requirements for the game and a year ago were not the minimum (the game was shown in 4K resolution), then at the time of release with the game should cope and quite affordable PC.

If FullHD with good performance is enough for you, it is worth investing in a graphics card and a fast SSD drive. As a processor IntelCorei5-9400F of the latest generation will do quite well, for AMD fans - Ryzen 5 2600 (with the prefix X, if you are fond of overclocking the CPU).

When choosing a motherboard, be guided not only by the support of the processor, but also by the memory slots. Most of the novelties in the coming months require 8 GB, so take 16 GB of RAM in reserve. Moreover, the memory on the market is rapidly becoming cheaper, so that the high-speed DDR4 cards with heat spreaders and low latency (such as CorsairVengeanceLPX or HyperXPredator from Kingston) are very attractive price.

The graphics card is likely to be the most expensive component. Around 20 thousand rubles you can already buy an nVidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti or AMD Radeon RX 590 - in terms of performance they are comparable with previous generations, and cost 30% cheaper.

At the end usually leave the computer case, but even here there are nuances. It's not only about a pretty appearance - the case should easily fit all the components, compact and neatly pull the wires, while leaving enough space for the necessary coolers.

Levers and Buttons

Input devices play an important role in games: the responsiveness of a mouse or keyboard can make the difference between winning and losing in fast-paced action games. The upcoming DoomEternal, which is going to be released this Fall.

For gaming, it is better to choose mechanical keyboards. Their keys seem to be harder to press, but they are much more durable and reliable. No extra button will catch on the neighboring one. A wide range of gaming keyboards are presented by A4 Tech (Bloody series), where the most commonly used in games buttons differ in color and texture, so they can be easily found even by blind eye.

As for mouse sensitivity, the indicator of 3000 DPI or CPI is the ceiling for the owners of standard FullHD monitors, you will not notice the difference. But owners of 4K monitors should look higher. What a gamer shouldn't buy is a budget wireless mouse - it is convenient for work, but when playing games it may suffer from signal transfer lag. If the wires are annoying, then pay attention to the line of wireless gaming solutions from Logitech - these guys know their business.

Do PC gamers need a gamepad? The latest MortalKombat 11will convince you that we do. Like all fighting games, it turns into a torturous acrobatics game for the fingers on the keyboard. Keep in mind the trend of porting games to PC from consoles - many developers are not trying too hard to adapt the controls for the keyboard, and the gamepad is easier to manage with such "flying" games. Analog sticks provide an additional feature - in action games and tactical with their help you can adjust the speed and direction of the character or vehicle.

Windows owners to make a simple choice - Microsoft is releasing family controllers Xbox specifically for PCs. Buttons and sticks have already been tested on consoles, and the controller is as adapted as possible to work with the system. Another great option gamepad with vibration feedback - LogitechWirelessGamepad F710, which is easy to hold, and in the work does not fail, and its own drivers are completed.

Rest your eyes

As such, the monitor does not affect the performance of games, but significantly affects our perception. The choice should start from 27 inches, pay attention to the quality of angular images, loading speed and color reproduction - to enjoy, for example, mind-blowing atmosphere and drawing of the new part of the platformer Ori - Oriandthe Will of the Wisps . Obsidian also promises a novelty in 2019 - in TheOuterWorlds, it's as if the developers want to please us with the Fallout we really deserve, rather than getting from Bethesda. Knowing Obsidians, we should prepare for text-based dialogues and large amounts of literal information. So monitors with special programs EyeSaver and similar, shrinking eyes, to help us.

Body comfort

A computer chair isn't the last thing you need for quality gameplay either, considering how many hours it takes to immerse yourself in a good game. Choose a gaming chair with the possibility of customization: namely, with a set of removable and adjustable parts that will allow you to adjust the chair exactly to your height, elbows, neck and lower back.

And go for it - the game.