Samsung offers Huawei users to exchange their smartphones for Galaxy

27 May 2019

While the scandal around Huawei is still raging, Samsung decided to take advantage of the situation. The company offered Huawei users to exchange their smartphone for a Galaxy with a surcharge.

At the moment, the Korean brand has launched an offer in Singapore, where you can surrender your phone in trade-in. Such a campaign was also launched by Apple. You could put your old smartphone as part of the payment for a new iPhone.

Samsung under its program offers users to surrender their Honor or Huawei and cover part of the cost of the new Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung предлагает пользователям обменять Huawei на Galaxy

It is not known whether the offer is in demand. However, it is worth noting the fact that in India, Amazon is selling off Huawei and Honor smartphones at very low prices. For some models, the discount was almost $290.