Instagram will show users who copied their Stories

14 February 2018
Instagram developers are testing a new photo service feature. Unlike other recent innovations, most users met it negatively.Previously, many users of the photo service could sneak a screenshot of their favorite Stories or even record them on video. Now, Instagram will notify the authors of such cases. At the first attempt to save someone else's Story in this way, the user will see a warning. It says that the next time the author of the publication will be notified about the attempt to save their published materials.As for the authors, they will be able to view the information about who saved their Stories in one way or another. In the list of viewers, a new icon with a wheel will appear next to such users. It seems that in this way the developers are trying to protect the copyrights of the original content creators. The innovation is available for a small number of users. When the testing of the function will be completed and it will be available to everyone - we can only guess.