They learned how to distribute the Internet through a light bulb

21 November 2019

An unusual project was launched by the company Signify. It has created an alternative to traditional Wi-Fi. The system is called Trulifi and provides access to the network by means of light.

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The Internet is dispensed through light bulbs. Signify. Signify tested the invention on buses. The developers installed special LEDs above each seat.

Data is transmitted through the LED lighting. Its intensity doesn't matter. The communication is on the infra-red part of the spectrum (not visible to humans).

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Trulifi is characterized by increased safety. The novelty is devoid of the disadvantages inherent in Wi-Fi. Forget about low speeds and interference. In addition, it is allowed to remotely control the air conditioner and other appliances.

Trulifi is suitable for all types of transport. Implementation in cars, planes and trains will begin soon.

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