Durov advises to delete WhatsApp immediately

21 November 2019

What messenger do you use? If WhatsApp, think about it. Experts are finding one vulnerability after another.

Image from chainbulletin.com

That said, Pavel Durov, the creator of Telegram, is pleased. He recalled that he had repeatedly warned about the dangers of WhatsApp. The latter makes the smartphone accessible to hackers.

WhatsApp allows you to monitor any fan of the service. Hackers are able to read messages and view photos. "Holes" in the program are not closed on purpose.

The social network Facebook is to blame. It is the one that owns WhatsApp and trades in fan privacy. It helps the U.S. authorities monitor people of interest.

Image from thehackernews.com

In addition, Durov draws attention to the lack of encryption. What you write is sent in clear text. With files, it's a similar story. Everything goes through someone else's servers.

How to save yourself? Paul recommends uninstalling WhatsApp and installing reliable software. For example - Telegram, which rarely gets into such scandals.