Google gives 1.5 million for hacking smartphones

24 November 2019

The Android platform is used by billions of people. The OS is installed on many devices (including smart phones). Not surprisingly, Google is concerned about security.

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It's hard to look for holes in Android on your own. Google is afraid of missing something. So the company invites volunteers. Enthusiasts are officially allowed to hack the system.

What's more, Google pays for it. Decent - up to $1.5 million. Good news for those who want to make money. All you need is a head on your shoulders and a bit of luck.

Mentioned amount - the maximum reward. It relies on the bugs found in the preliminary version of Android. Unfortunately, the list of gadgets is limited.

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The money is paid only for bugs found in the Google Pixel. In all models - with the exception of the Pixel 4.