How do you keep track of your child on your smartphone? 3 proven apps!

23 August 2019

Gone are the days when parents used to watch their child from the window. Now you just need to download a special program to your phone to keep an eye on your child - it will allow you to understand where your child is walking. Freesoft has selected three programs that will help you worry less about your children, because everything will be under control.

"Knows Mom."

Как следить за ребенком через смартфон? 3 проверенных приложения!

Available for iOS and Android

Download Knows Mommy on Android.

Download Knows Mommy on iOS.

Download "Knows Mama - Parenting Version" for iOS.

This is the only free spy app. The program makes sure your child doesn't leave the areas outlined by the parents, and transmits data on all movements. That's basically all: the app does not have wide functionality, but its interface is simple and clear. To use the program, parents need to install "Knows Mom" app on their phones, and "Knows Mom: GPS Beacon" on the child's phone. It can also be downloaded on Windows.


Available for iOS and Android.

Download "Beacon" for Android.

Download "Beacon"for iOS.

This is a Russian application, for which you have to pay. But it has a significantly larger set of functions: the application shows the location of the child and the history of movements. The program has a built-in family chat, and there is also an option of notification about low battery of your child's smartphone and an alarm button. "Beacon" can be synchronized with a smart watch.
The app offers 5 days of free use. Then you will be offered a subscription: for a month - 229 rubles, for 3 months - 699, for half a year - 1190, and to buy the app forever will cost 1690 rubles.

"Where are my children."

Available for iOS and Android

This is probably one of the most popular applications. When you download the app to your smartphone, you need to add a child in the settings and then install the same program on the child's phone. Now you will be able to track on the map where your child is, as well as see the history of his movements. The application will notify you about the battery level on your child's smartphone.

Another useful feature - the app allows you to listen and record audio around your child's phone.

The first three days you can use the program for free. After that, you'll need a paid subscription if you want to enjoy all the benefits of the app. It will cost 1,490 rubles for a single parent and 1,990 rubles for three members of the family.

Download Where are my kids on Android.

Download Where aremy kids on iOS.