Top 5 programs that will protect your Android information

24 August 2019

Every year hackers create hundreds of malicious scripts to spite users or to carry out fraudulent schemes. You can't do without antiviruses and special programs these days. Freesoft editorial staff made the top 5 programs to help protect your information on your Android smartphone.

Micro Guard FREE

Micro Guard FREE will not let anybody listen to your conversations. The application finds programs that try to access the microphone and warns the smartphone owner with a special signal.

Recently, users have been complaining that after a phone conversation on a certain topic, they see targeted ads for what they were talking about. For example, if you were discussing pets, you could easily get ads for dog food or a veterinary clinic. So an anti-tapping app will come in handy for everyone!

Download Micro Guard FREE.

Camera Blocker

Camera Blocker blocks your camera from spyware and viruses. Statistics show that every second app requests access to your camera, creating a vulnerability to transmit photo and video data to the web. The program blocks any attempts of unauthorized access to the camera. Camera Blocker itself does not require such permission.

Download Camera Blocker.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast is one of the most popular free antiviruses for Android. It will notify you of spyware and adware installations that threaten the security of your data. Antivirus detects malware with 99.9% detection rate.
If you need reliable protection against viruses and for safe browsing, Avast is right for you.

Download Avast Mobile Security.


AppLock is a gateway app that locks out sensitive information. You will be able to lock your social networks, photos, messages or mail to another user.

The program will allow you to set up profiles with different levels of access on your phone. So, a guest will only be able to call, but not open your photo gallery. The gateway can be locked with a password, a graphic key, or a fingerprint.

Download AppLock.

NoRoot Firewall.

It's no secret that many Android apps waste mobile traffic.

With the NoRoot Firewall app, you can control the apps' access to the web. You can, for example, allow selected applications to access the Internet only via wifi, only via mobile Internet or completely prohibit it.

Download NoRoot Firewall.