What Android smartphones can replace the Iphone

11 February 2019

Probably some of the users have wondered what can replace the Iphone. Their price has always been not the cheapest, so many people could not afford the coveted gadget. Journalists of the news publication "Word and Deed" also asked themselves this question and conducted their own research. They managed to find out which Android smartphones priced up to 20,000 rubles can become quite an alternative to the "Apple" phones.

Какие смартфоны на Андроид могут заменить Айфон

The study found that the vast majority of Russians - 88% - use Android smartphones. While only 10% have iOS phones. This significant difference in percentage can be explained by one simple fact - the price. An Android smartphone with good functionality can be purchased for 20,000 rubles, whereas the price of an iPhone, even not the latest version, is about 45,000 rubles.

Based on this, "Word and Deed" and conducted their research. As it turned out, Iphone can replace such devices from the Celestial Empire as Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Xiaomi Mi A2, Honor 8X and Honor Play. All of them are powerful enough to compete with the "apple". For example, they have an octa-core processor and four gigabytes of RAM. Some of these smartphones have good cameras. For example, the Pocophone F1 has six, as well as an excellent battery.

Смартфоны на андроиде

We should also note the most budget-friendly version of all the smartphones - Xiaomi Mi A2. Now it costs 12,750 rubles. The most expensive of the proposed - Xiaomi Pocophone F1. You will have to pay for it about 18,400 rubles.

It is recommended that users make their choice, however, based on their expectations from the smartphone, feedback from other users, technical characteristics, well, and, of course, their budget.