Google has developed sneakers that measure weight

11 February 2019

Google has developed an innovative model of sneakers. They will be able to measure the weight of the wearer.

Google is going to create such a model of sports shoes, which would track the weight of the person. At the moment, the American company is in search of developers who would solve the problem.

According to foreign media reports, Google VerilY has already presented a prototype of sneakers. The model has been shown to investors at private meetings.

Гугл разработала модель кроссовок, измеряющую вес человека

As stated in the Google project, special sensors will be built into sneakers. They will control the weight of the movement of their owner.

According to some reports, such shoes can be an excellent assistant to people who monitor their health. After all, it is a sudden increase in weight may be a sign of heart failure.

"Smart" sneakers will also react if a person has fallen. This feature is especially relevant for the elderly.

It is not yet known who will bring the idea to life.