Apple will fight apps that spy on users

11 February 2019

As it became known, Apple has sent out warning emails to mobile app developers. In the sent messages, company representatives obliged developers to notify users about the possibility of tracking their actions by applications.

The representatives of the company also emphasized that the protection of users' privacy plays a key role in the Apple's ecosystem. In this regard, users must personally consent to the transfer of personal data to third-party services, as well as receive explicit notification when they start collecting relevant statistics. If any applications do not meet these requirements - they will be removed from the App Store and this will happen soon.

Such requirements appeared now for a reason. The thing is that not so long ago, the TechCrunch resource conducted its own investigation, which revealed a number of iOS applications that contain the Glassbox analytical tool. Not only did it surreptitiously record statistics on users' actions, but it also took screenshots of their personal data. In doing so, the tool was found in Expedia, Hollister, apps, as well as customers of various airlines, hotels, stores, etc. Of course, the feature was not announced by the developers. It seems that in the near future the necessary information will appear in the "Privacy Policy" section of the relevant products.

It is worth adding that the Glassbox tool is cross-platform and is not only found in iOS apps. It is also used in Android apps in the same way. However, the statement about the possible removal of the "spy" programs was made only by Apple, while Google has not yet commented on the finding.