Another serious vulnerability is fixed in Android

11 February 2019

Google specialists managed to fix a serious vulnerability in the Android operating system, which allowed attackers to run malicious code on mobile devices simply by sending a picture in PNG format.

Of course, a simple picture is not capable of causing any harm to gadgets on its own. The discovered flaw allowed hackers to embed malicious code into a specially configured PNG file. Accordingly, when trying to open an image received via messenger, email, or some other method, the corresponding code was executed on the victim's device.

To be fair, it should be noted that according to Google, no one has exploited the vulnerability so far. At least, the company has no data to suggest otherwise. At this point, the breach has already been fixed. Curiously, it was one of three critical mobile OS vulnerabilities discovered in the Framework component and patched this month.

A total of 42 problems were fixed in February's Android update set, among which 11 were found to be critical and 30 were found to be highly and moderately dangerous. Because of this, users are advised not to put off installing operating system updates too long.