Maps.Me map app learned to build routes faster and save traffic

14 September 2017
Surely, many of those who use their smartphone or tablet as a navigator, have heard about the Maps.Me application. The team of the mapping service regularly releases updates, equipping their product with new features. This time the updated version of Maps.Me got a smart map update system among other improvements.This innovation allows to save a lot of traffic while updating the maps. The matter is that previously the application was downloading the whole maps. Now, thanks to the introduction of the new smart system Maps.Me downloads only the information about the location, which has undergone changes since the last update. This allows to significantly reduce the volume of downloaded data, and as a consequence - to reduce traffic consumption by several times. Another pleasant innovation was the optimization of the construction of walking and biking routes. After the update, it has become 22 times faster, according to the developers' estimates. By the way, now the construction of routes is not only faster, but also more convenient. The thing is that the application has the ability to add up to three intermediate points. If necessary, they can be swapped at any time. At the same time, in case of accidental closure of the application, the service will remember the constructed route and allow the user to return to it at the first launch. The new version of Maps.Me application is already available for gadgets running Android and iOS.