Google collected data on the location of users

23 November 2017
Quartz shared some interesting information in its research report. Everyone knows that Google collects data about the location of users in cases where there is appropriate permission. Now it turns out that its absence does not prevent the company from collecting geodata. The report says that Google began to monitor users of Android gadgets from the beginning of 2017. To do this, if location services were disabled, the company collected information on the addresses of nearby cell towers. Moreover, geodata were collected even if there was no SIM card. In such cases, the company received the necessary information when connecting the gadget to Wi-Fi network. A Google representative has already confirmed and commented on the published information. According to him, the company began to consider using Cell ID codes to improve message delivery speed and performance. However, he denied that cell IDs could be included in Google's synchronization system. That means that the data collected was not stored anywhere. Moreover, if we believe the Google representative, the company has already updated the system and stopped asking for Cell IDs. Thus, Android-gadgets will stop sending location data to the IT giant until the end of November.