Microsoft Surface Book 2 cannot be charged while playing games

24 November 2017
Surely many people have heard about the launch of the new Surface Book 2 hybrid tablet from Microsoft. Only about a week has passed since then, and The Verge has already discovered the first rather serious problem with the gadget.According to the published data, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 keeps discharging even when connected to the mains. As it turned out, the charger that comes with the hybrid tablet simply does not have enough power. On the other hand, this situation is observed only in gaming mode, or when using NVIDIA 1060 graphics. The situation has already commented on a Microsoft representative. According to him, the company is aware of this feature of Surface Book 2 and discharging when connected to the mains is indeed possible when the tablet is working in maximum performance mode. At the same time, the power management system will not allow the battery to be completely discharged in such cases.