Broadcom is preparing to make a more generous offer to buy Qualcomm

24 November 2017

As announced in the middle of the month, the deal to sell Qualcomm to Broadcom will not take place. It seems that this state of affairs does not suit the chipmaker and a new offer, more favorable for the semiconductor manufacturer, may be made as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that Qualcomm representatives considered the $130 billion to be insufficient and this was the reason for refusing to sign the deal. Now, after consultations with leading shareholders, Broadcom is ready to make a new offer. This time, they do not intend to make the deal more attractive by increasing the value of the buyback, but by offering more of their own shares. At the same time, Broadcom intend to obtain the right to initiate re-election of the board of directors of Qualcomm.

In any case, the terms of the deal may still undergo some changes. In addition, the next meeting at which the Broadcom deal can be voted on is not scheduled until March 6, 2018.