Razer announced the acquisition of smartphone manufacturer Nextbit

31 January 2017
Some may have already heard about Nextbit, known for its smartphone Robin, which was released in 2015 and conquered the hearts of many customers with its unusual design. It seems that this company has interested not only potential users: recently it became known about its acquisition by Razer, a manufacturer of laptops and peripherals for gamers.Representatives of the companies are optimistic and confident that the merger will benefit both parties: Razer will be able to develop business in new directions, and for Nextbit - to do the same thing as before but on a much larger scale. In addition, the manufacturer of mobile devices retains the right to operate under its own brand and will continue to exist as an independent unit of Razer in the field of mobile devices. Those who have had time to buy gadgets Robin, have nothing to worry about. The representatives of Nextbit assure that despite the end of sales, the company intends to complete their official support only after six months. It is also worth adding that despite the fact that the deal was closed on January 27 this year, its financial details have not yet been announced.