Adobe will drop support for some of its products this year

31 January 2017

Perhaps Adobe needs no introduction. Each of us has at one time or another used or continues to use its various products, from Flash to Photoshop or Lightroom. The company does not stand still and actively develops its products, releasing new solutions. At the same time, inevitably, the time comes periodically to say goodbye to some of them in order to move on. It seems that such a moment is coming for Contribute and Director.

Both of the aforementioned products were previously owned by Macromedia, which Adobe acquired back in 2005. Having found a new owner, they continued to develop for some time, but in 2012, the last stable version of Contribute was released, and in 2013 - Director. And now, since February 1 this year, the company intends to stop their sales and support.

In addition, Adobe intends to stop supporting Shockwave for macOS. This will happen, however, only after the last update, the release is scheduled for March 14. In this case, it is not known whether this will be followed by a refusal of the Windows version of this program.

Representatives of Adobe say that the refusal of further support for these products due to the presence of all necessary features in Creative Cloud. In addition, they hope that this step will motivate users to move more actively to the cloud products of the company.